• The Simpsons - Stonecutters Stein Replica

The Simpsons - Stonecutters Stein Replica

Who wants an officially licensed Stonecutter Stein? WE DOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Homer The Great is one of the most iconic episodes of The Simpsons of all time. It sees Homer join Springfield’s most exclusive club, The Stonecutters, where it’s discovered that he’s actually “The Chosen One”. Every Simpsons fan wants to be a Stonecutter, and now we can all be one step closer with this cromulent new officially licensed Stonecutter Stein Replica from Ikon Collectables!

Standing at an impressive 23cm tall (with lid down), this ceramic Stonecutter Stein Replica can hold up to a whopping 1.25 litres of whatever beverage you desire. We highly recommend Duff or Red Tick Beer, however no matter what you end up choosing to fill it with, it’ll taste extra smooth out of this stunning piece.

An actual screen-replica from the Homer The Great episode, this high-quality Stein boasts the iconic Stonecutter logo all around and also has a metal flip open lid, just like on the show!

Embiggen your life with the officially licensed Simpsons Stonecutter Stein Replica today.

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The Simpsons - Stonecutters Stein Replica

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